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Andreyev Boris

Leading research associate of the Department for physics of semiconductors
Dr. Sci.

Personal data

Born on 2 August, 1946 in Komsomolsk (Ivanovo region)

Research interests

the Physics of semiconductors, optical and photoelectric properties of semiconductor structures.



School #1 in Komsomolsk.


the Faculty of physics of N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Department of theoretical physics.


  • 1969 - 1971 - serve in the Army.
  • 1971 - 1983 - junior research associate of the Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances RAS.
  • 1982 - PhD in Chemistry (thesis : «Investigation of volatile inorganic hydrides method of THz radiospectroscopy»).
  • 1983 - 1997 - senior research associate, leading research associate of the Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances RAS (since 1992. Institute of chemistry of high-purity substances of RAS).
  • 1997 - senior research associate of the department for physics of semiconductors of the IPM RAS.
  • 2004 - Dr. Sci. in Physics (thesis - «Infrared spectroscopy of impurities in silicon and Germany). A participant of 14 projects (leader in 6 projects) RFBR, a participant of 4 projects (leader of the group in 2 projects) INTAS, team leader in the project of the International scientific Fund, the participant of the project the Dutch research organization - RFBR. Published more than 200 works.


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Contact detail

Phone: +7 (831) 417-94-81

E-mail: boris@ipmras.ru

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